Surface treatments including abrasive blasting, which perfectly cleans the surface of the painted material. After subsequent application of powder coating the paint has high resistance.

Abrasive blasting

Abrasive blasting using steel granulate is a surface treatment of metallic parts in order to clean, deburr, roughen and strengthen the material before painting. The application of a powder paint must take place immediately after abrasive blasting to prevent eventual corrosion. We operate equipment designed for abrasive blasting of suspended simple and complex shapes. The equipment may not be used for blasting of products made from aluminium or magnesium and their alloys, or other materials, dust from which is flammable or explosive.

Maximum dimensions of blasted products:

  • 3000 x 1500 x  1500mm
  • the maximum weight of the product is 1000kg

Powder coating

Powder coating is a modern technological process of metal surface finishing. Both ferrous and nonferrous metals can be coated.

Maximum measurements of products:

  • height 2000mm
  • width 1500 mm
  • length 4500 mm
  • the maximum weight of the product is 200 kg


  • according to RAL scale
  • special shades
  • special metallic shades, antiques, varnishes


  • smooth
  • fine-grained structure
  • coarse-grained structure


  • epoxypolyester – for interior use
  • epoxy primer free of zinc for the corrosion protection – application on the blasted surface
  • polyester – for outdoor use
  • facade polyester – for demanding outdoor use