Radial drill press – drilling of holes up to 32 mm in diameter, Flowdrill – thermal friction drilling and thread forming.
Threading machine – scope of threads M2–M16.

Hydraulic assembly press – pressing of nuts, screws and pillars into thin metals (or plastic). The press may also be used for scallops manufacturing and riveting.
Pneumatic-hydraulic riveting apparatus – riveting of rivet nuts M3–M12 (steel) and screw nuts M4–M8 (steel).

Lathe – turning materials up to 200 mm in diameter and 1000 mm in length.

Bandsaw – dividing of material up to 230 mm in diameter.

Hand plasma – cutting of metals up to 20 mm thick.

Beveling - preparation of products for welding:

  • radius R2, R3, R4
  • under the angle of 45° and 30° – 0,5–3,5 mm
  • under the angle of 45° – 4–10 mm

Transportation of our products – we have the following cars at our disposal:

  • Citan – load of 0,6 t
  • Atego – load of 2,9 t
  • Antos – load of 15 t

Cooperation – in cooperation, we are able to provide the following surface finishings and services:

  • hot dip zinc coating
  • galvanic zinc coating
  • phosphating
  • KTL – cataphoresis
  • conventional machining and CNC machining
  • electroerosion wire cutting – EDM