Sheet metal processing using modern 2D laser cutting machines made by the TRUMPF Company. The parts cut by the laser beam are of a very high standard with regard to their tolerance and cut quality. Laser cutting is quick and precise, laser burnouts are faultless, which could not be guaranteed if other methods were used. We have a solid-state fiber laser and CO2 lasers. The maximum size of processed sheets is 3000 x 1500 x 25 mm (900 kg).

The maximum thickness of the sheet is:

  • construction steel 25 mm
  • stainless steel 20 mm (N2)
  • aluminium alloys 20 mm (N2)
  • copper 10 mm (O2), 4 mm (N2)
  • brass 10mm (N2)

O2=oxygen cutting, N2=nitrogen cutting